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#Pynk Exclusive: Adonis King Moves Fashion Forward For His Generation

Photo courtesy of Instagram: @adonisofficial

Adonis King knew that he wanted to be a designer when he was just a little boy in Washington, D.C. After cutting up his clothing and adding a few holes in his denim, he knew that he would be a trend setter and move fashion forward for his generation.

In 2014, Adonis was aware that his fashion dream was not going to happen in, so he moved to New York in hopes of learning the ins and outs of fashion so that he would be on the right path to success. “I had two years of high school fashion marketing all while building the Adonis King Collection on trial and error,” Adonis shares. “The fashion industry is very learn as you go. People will not always tell you what to do, you just have to know what to do.”


A portion of his education in the Big Apple was to attend fashion shows, even if he had to sneak in. “Attending shows allowed me to observe how the shows were produced which is very important,” he tells Pynk Exclusively.

There is so much to discover in one of the fashion capitals of the world, and Adonis was ready to absorb it all. “I learned that you could never think you know everything. Fashion is always moving and changing,” he says. “As a fashion designer, your job is to embrace the change or you will be forgotten.”

While he was in New York, he discovered one of the key elements to success in which he would sculpt his business etiquette. “It is very important to note that you can’t be anyone else but yourself, and to design from the heart not base on trends or what people think will be the next big success.”

After gaining as much information about the fashion business that he could, he took a chance and decided that what he wanted to do in the fashion world would be most successful in the city of Los Angeles. With nothing but his education and a dream, he landed in the City of Angels and began to diligently work on building his Adonis King Collection.

“First off, I love that LA has so much creative freedom. You can walk outside and find inspiration,” Adonis shares. “There are so many people here in LA that have the same passion for fashion, and I think it is so necessary to connect with people. I did that and I’m thankful for it.”

Adonis learned that it was important to be open-minded to different cultures and learn what people love, in order to have a successful fashion brand. With this in mind, his collection of sunglasses has been a profitable achievement, and his shades have been seen on some of the most famous faces in Hollywood including Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and the Queen, Beyoncé.


“When designing the sunglasses, we wanted them to be very iconic and not the normal sunglasses. LA is very sunny and the people love their designer sunglasses. We designed them for the sun, but they are also designed to serve as a fashion statement,” Adonis explains. “It’s the very first thing you see when someone walks in a room. People wear our sunglasses inside and out because they want you to see just how iconic they are.”

With the favorable outcome of the sunglasses, The Adonis King Collection is branching out and serving us with a youthful and stunning fashion collection that is quickly gaining nods from the fashion industry. “I always think about the business side of fashion before I start to design something. In Paris, they see buying designer clothes as an investment so we make sure that all of our garments are quality over quantity.”

From an accessory designer to a clothing designer has definitely been a unique lesson to the King of Shades. “It was definitely an eye opener learning how the different fabrics move down the runway. I love that fashion is very hands on, but you have to be a fast learner,” he informs us. “Our customers love that they can buy something that will last them a lifetime. Each Adonis King Collection piece is handmade and we plan to keep the brand that way.”

Adonis feels that his collection fills the gap in the fashion world because his company is more hands on with social media and apps than a lot of older brands. “We want our customers to feel that they are a part of the brand or the movement. I design for my generation and my generation is very youthful and technology savvy.”


This may be very true to his brand because when he did his fashion show in New York last year, he was contacted via social media by Nia Sioux, a longtime dancer of the show, Dance Moms. “It was funny because Nia Sioux was invited to be a guest at the New York Fashion Week show. Nia then contacted me and said that she loves my sunglasses and she wanted to model in the show.” This was great news for Adonis and he immediately began to get her measurements so that he could include her in the show. “I was super over the top excited. She loved the gown and we were so happy that it fit her like a glove.”

For the new year, Adonis has set many goals but he is tackling them one at time. “I would love to create more visuals and collaborate more with other brands and not just fashion brands, but also more of lifestyle brands. I definitely want to get into more TV or films. I have never been the scripted type, so unscripted maybe the way for me.”

Adonis has proven that with a focused idea and a planned goal, you can make your dream a reality. “I want young people to know that while education is important, times have changed and being more hands on is also important. Life is your classroom. No matter where you come from you can make your dreams come true it’s up to you. No one can stop you but you.”

To learn more about The Adonis King Collection visit: www.adonisking.com

Photo Credits: Adonis King Instagram

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