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#Pynk Fashion: Date Night Special!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram: @abrooklynbabe

So you got the call and you made the decision to take a go at it. That’s right, you are going on a date! Whether it’s been a week or a year since your last date, we all have that looming question in our heads. No, it’s not the one that questions whether we should order the hungry man special or the salad, it’s the other one… what do we wear?

It is never easy to make the choice on what to wear as it is to eat or pass, which is why we are here. We have selected a few ideas for your dating pleasure. From that dinner date to a night of bowling, here are a few ideas to get you ready for the time of your life… or at least the beginning of it.

Check out or #PynkGilrl Fashion Picks to get you in the dating mood!

If you’re plan to show off your dance moves, get inspired by this:

Pink Girl Picks


If you plan something fun like skating or bowling, try out something like this:

Pink Girl Picks


If you are heading to the movies and then a bite to eat, here is all you need:

#PynkGirl Fashion Picks


Which do you choose? Share in the comments below.

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