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#Pynk Fashion: How Nightwear Has Become The New ‘It’ Wear

Photos Courtesy of Saxy's

You and your besties have decided to do a girl’s night slumber party filled with libation, delicious snacks, thrilling movies, good time and plenty of laughs. Then it dawns on you, while you are a fashionista and flex your style each and everyday, behind close doors, you only wear an oversized t-shirt with stains from last night’s Netflix binge. Most of your friends are not use to seeing you on a super chill, and you dare not let them see you wearing your favorite fluffy pink robe that is no longer pink.
Why do we as women have the flyest wardrobe but when it comes to our night attire we rather just wear those faded out t-shirts? I know, comfort is our number one factor, but ladies, let me be the first to say, we have to step up our game. I recently cleaned out my PJ drawer and filled it with some goodies.

Saxy’s is the answer to our nightwear woes. It not only looks good to wear at night, but it can also transition to day wear for running a few errands in style. Yes, you will not be alone in these streets wearing your lounging pajamas. You will be in the company of Rihanna, Nene Leakes and Kelly Rowland.

Check out how these fashionistas wore their Saxy’s:

We love how @notcarriebradshaw added her stylish shoes to compliment her Saxy.

@emmakohtanen Took her look up a notch and made it young, hip and chic!

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What I love about Saxy nightwear is that it fits like a glove, the fabric is soft and it comes in a variety of colors that make the chill wear so stylish. Here are a few of our favorite pieces:




If none of this convinces you, then how about your response from BAE when he sees you looking like a snack in your Saxy’s? Let’s just say, it will be hard to keep him on his side of the bed.

If you’re still not convinced, check out Saxy’s nightwear yourself at:

What do you think of about wearing nightwear during the day? Share your thoughts below.

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