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PYNK Fashion w/ Stylist & Designer Keyana Franklin

Stylist / Designer Keyana Franklin
Photographer Shannon Laurine
She’s Got Style!!! We caught up with Celebrity Children’s Designer & Stylist Keyana Franklin who made her breakthrough in the fashion world alongside some of Hollywood’s greatest creating her own style and making a mark in the fashion industry. Her lead looks can be seen on television screens nationally. Her unique features includes TV shows such as; Real Husbands of Hollywood Instant Moms, Soul Man,  The Muppets, The Real, Blackish, and Mann & Wife.
Keyana was Future’s lead stylist for three of his musical projects. Her unique style, has gotten her acknowledged by Grammy award winning singer/ songwriter, The Dream whom she styled during his international“Kill the Lights” tour. While on tour, she created custom designs for wardrobe and tour/fan merchandise. Shortly after her tour, Keyana branched into styling athletes, known for her detailed flare and timeless custom looks NBA fashion icon, Russell Westbrook took notice and she continues to specialize in athlete apparel and “off the court” fashion.
Along with an established resume as a stylist. Keyana has built a highly respected image for her extraordinary fun and colorful children’s e-commerce store, Candy Lane Kidz.  Candy Lane Kidz was created to give children to the platform to express themselves via fashion and culture. Keyana’s passion for children is deeply rooted and plans to expand her fashion empire to help children with disabilities to encourage identity and promote anti-bullying.
Keyana Franklin
Tell us about your passion for fashion?
My passion for fashion came from watching Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. I was inspired by how they layered all the different pieces for the costumes, and I always loved how they made the strangest things look aesthetically pleasing. Harajuku barbies also inspired my passion for fashion because they put the coolest pieces together to make them stand out.
Define your personal style?
I would describe my personal style as tomboy chic. I’ve grown up a tomboy at heart and have always loved my Jordans and other sneakers, but I also enjoy putting my heels on and being a lady.
Keyana Franklin
What are top three essentials you have in your wardrobe?
I definitely can’t live without my black and white Celine tote bag, my black leather jacket, and my pair of Air Jordan 1s. 
What are your current favorite trends in fashion?
I really dig Libertine right now. I’m obsessed with everything about their colorful, vibrant and bold style. I think the trend of dressing up fancy and throwing on a pair of Jordans or other casual sneakers is really cool too. And I’m also not tired of the Gucci loafer trend or the socks with heels trend yet!
Tell us about your inspiration to style children?
I’m inspired to style children because I can have the most fun with this demographic. It’s always acceptable for a kid to be a kid, so there’s really no limits with it. I’ve always loved sweet treats, kids, and fashion, which is why I was inspired to start Candy Lane Kidz. My passion for kids comes from my family, since my mom and grandma were both teachers. 
Keyana Franklin
Favorite fashion quote….
“Life’s too short to wear boring clothes.”
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