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#PYNK Inspiration: You will never believe what’s in these nails!

Photo courtesy of Deadlynails Facebook

Nails are a small part of or personal style expression, and an Australian beauty and nail studio has taken the simple art of expression to a whole new level with nails that most people would die for, literally.

Deadly Nails has been the latest trending salon on the ‘gram for their outrageous nails. Nail artist, Missnic created a nail look with a wasp inside of it! I wouldn’t be surprised if either Queen Bee Lil Kim or Queen Bey have this trend on their to-do list.  Check out some of their deadliest nails.

Hence the name deadly nails.

They’ve also done nails with seahorses, spider, scorpion and even a butterfly.

According to Deadly Nails, the insects and animals that they use come from a supplier in America. That could possible mean that the insects die naturally. The insects and animals are not killed for the use of an outrageous nail design. At least, we hope.

The nail studio has gotten negative comments on their Instagram like: “Naturally died? That is BS! I don’t even like when people use animals for fashion”, and “This is wrong and utterly ridiculous.”

And positive comments like: “I love that you’ve repurpose death!” and “Rock on girl!”

Could this be the nail trend of 2017?

What do you think of these outrageous nails? Are you willing to chance it?

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