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#Pynk Love: Two Photographers Make a Picture Perfect Couple

Photos Courtesy of Creative Soul

Love is not always picture perfect, but for photography couple, Regis and Kahran Bethencourt they grow towards perfection each and every day.

In 2004, when they first met online, Reg and Kahran were both into graphic design. They exchanged witty words and niceties through an urban graphic designer forum called Soul in Graphics. It wasn’t long before they gave each other the feels and they decided that they wanted to enter into a relationship exclusively.


While most my find it hard to be in a relationship that was long distance, Regis and Kahran made it work. They made ways to meet up and have romantic dates. “We both started out in the marketing and design world and fell in love with photography while dating cross-country long distance,” Kahran told us. “We would often have ‘photo dates’ to create memories with each other before our next visit. We love capturing images and creating photo gifts, so we decided to start Creative Soul Photography together while Reg was in school studying photography.”

After seven years of linking up, Regis knew that Kahran was the woman that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with and Kahran felt the same. The two adorable people decided to become one as they tie the knot in 2011, which was featured on


As business partners, Kahran and Regis say that they love working together. “We’re one of those couples who love being together all the time. I guess all of that long distance made us value the time spent together even more,” Kahran says. “We absolutely love being able to work together everyday and travel together as a couple. Of course there are times when we need space, so Reg has his office, aka “The Man Cave”, that he can retreat to when we need a minute apart.”

Working together as photographers has a lot of high points. They love to watch the transformations of the children rocking their natural hair that they feature in their shoots. Their latest project, A World of Curls highlights their journey to several countries including England, Ghana, South Africa, Cuba, Greece and various US cities. “We created this book with the hope that it will inspire kids around the world to not only love themselves but to develop a sense of curiosity about the world unknown to them,” says Regis. The final collection is presented in a beautiful 90 page fine art coffee table album.


“Our aim is to challenge the stigma around natural hair and its general misconceptions about how hair ‘should’ be styled. Many of the photos incorporate the local culture, environment, and fashion so that readers can also get a glimpse of everyday life in that particular location,” Kahran explains.

“One challenge is trying to continuously reinvent ourselves so that we stay current and relevant. This industry is always changing. We have to stay innovative and unique,” adds Regis.

Work life balance is often a hard task when it comes to working together. “We are always trying to find new ways to take breaks and have a little ‘off’ time so that work doesn’t overtake our relationship and life,” says Kahran.
For Regis and Kahran, black love does exist. Kahran reminds us, “If both partners are willing to put in the work, the reward highly outweighs the effort to make it work.”

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Photo Credits: Creative Soul

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