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Celebrity Stylist Ashley North gives us her scoop on Fall fashion!
Photo Cred: @shannonlaurine

name: Ashley North

age: 35

born & raised: Born in Oakland, raised in Seattle

occupation: Fashion Stylist 

website: AshleyNorthStyle.com


How does a typical work day start off for you?

 The thing that I love most about my job is that there’s never a typical work day! Most of my days start checking and returning emails. Getting my daughters ready for the day and to school. Then I head out. Most days consist of either prepping a job, fittings with clients or being on set. 

I don’t think people even realize that being a Stylist takes a lot of work. 100% of your clients style relies on you! That’s a huge responsibility, how do you get inspiration when you’re working on a new project?

Inspiration comes from everywhere. I always stay up to date on the current styles by following the shows of the season, also social media is a BIG inspiration for me. I used to go to the news stand each month to buy magazines but now the inspiration is right there whether it be instagram, facebook, blogs, etc. 

What kind of style influences were you introduced to when you we’re growing up?

 My influences were probably the same as everyone else’s growing up in the 90’s. I was always obsessed with music videos and loved how people could express themselves and their music through fashion. 

What inspired you to want to be a stylist? 

Honestly, I never really knew that I could make a job out of my passion for fashion until after I graduated from college. I started working with a local magazine producing their fashion section, setting up shoots, picking models, pulling clothes/looks and that’s when I realized how much I loved it and wanted to make a career out of it!

What’s next for Ashley North?

I have so much I want to accomplish career wise that I’m silently working on, but overall just continuing to be an inspiration for women and mothers, setting the example that they too can have the career and the family!



Top 5 style trends for Fall?

  • Kimono style jackets 
  • Menswear inspired looks for women
  •  Plaid and floral head to toe
  •  Fringe  
  • Glitter boots

Top 5 shades in fashion for Fall?

  • Red
  • Deep Gold
  • Burnt orange
  • Army green
  • Chocolate brown

Top 5 Items in your closet?

  •  Louis Vuitton backpack
  • Gucci Military Style Lace Up Boots
  • Oversized Vintage Levis
  • Madeworn Vintage Tees
  • Kimono jacket by House of Harlow

Top 5 things every Girl needs in her closet?

  •  Black blazer
  • Leather pants 
  • Vintage tee
  • Black booties
  • Denim Jacket 

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