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#PYNKArchives: Top 5 Best Hip Hop Songs Ever Created #TBT


The culture of hip hop lives on the turn tables of music, breathes through the mouths of great MCs, and sees through the eyes of great visionaries.

Created as an outlet in the early 80’s—for the urban community to have a voice—hip hop has stood the test of time and since its inception, it has continued to be the soundtrack to so many lives. From the cross over sounds of KRS-One and Big Daddy Kane to the hard hitting and gritty sounds of gangster rap group NWA hip hop has been an outlet that so many great artists have used to create some of musics greatest hits ever.

The ultimate test of an MC’s skills is the lifespans of their work. A good MC creates a buzz with a top charting hit, but a great MC not only makes hits that are popular for the moment; they create hits that will last a lifetime.

Thus, hip hop lives on through these top 5 throwback songs that never get old.



Rapper Common back when he was called Common Sense with his single “I Used to Love Her” off his 1994 album Resurrection. He tells the story of falling in love with a female back when he was a kid who he eventually falls out of love with due to her changing and no longer being the person he met. It isn’t until the very end when he reveals that the female he’s been rapping about all along  is actually Hip Hop. This song embodies the culture for many and proves to still be the anthem for Hip Hop music.




Jerseys very own Queen Latifah with her 1989 ladies anthem “Ladies First” off her classic album All Hail The Queen. As one of Latifah’s signature song it still gets any music lover on their feet because of her bold feminist lyrics and pop upbeat.






Heavy D & The Boyz “Now That We Found Love” off their 1991 album Peaceful Journey. Aside from the songs accredited Grammy nomination, it hits home for any era due to its feel good caribbean beat and positive lyrics.





wu-tang-clan2604141 #2.

is Wu-Tang Clan “C.R.E.A.M” off their 1993 album Enter The Wu-Tang ( 36 Chambers) . With its catchy hook sampled in some of todays greatest songs its relevance remains and still catches the ear of all Hip Hop lovers alike.




None other then Brooklyn’s King, Notorious BIG with “Juicy” off his 1994 classic album, Ready to Die . Making its way into any DJs set no matter the venue and still getting air time on radio makes this top charting hit the best of the best.




Photo credit(s):Neon Tommy, Fact Mag, Amazon, Genius, 2 years older than hip hop. 

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