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#PYNKBeauty: 10 Hairstyles Perfect For The Winter




Fall is dwindling down and winter is near. The transition comes easy with clothing, but when it comes to hair―that’s another story. Trying to maintain your hair is a job within itself regardless of your hair type. Completing hairstyles for winter can be difficult especially if you’re someone who loves to rock the wash and go look. Here’s 10 great hairstyles to rock during the winter time as well as helping to protect those natural locks.

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1. Bantu Knots


Bantu Knots is one of the perfect hairstyles for the winter. They not only help protect the curl but it helps lock in the moisture of your natural oils and other moisturizers that have been added promote hair growth.


2.Twist Outs


Twist outs not only adds the icing on the cake to your perfect outfit, it also helps define and volumize your natural curl.

3. Crown Braids



A crown braid is a great protective style and it perfect for those days that you don’t feel like doing too much to your hair.


4.Three Strand Twist



Three strand twist are also great because they’re easy to do, it’s fast, and it lasts a long time.


5. Box Braids


Box braids is a protective style that helps keep your hair protected through every thing. With braids your not so eager to touch your hair and constantly mess with it all the time.


6. Senegalese Twist



Senegalese twist are just like box braids when it comes to protecting your hair, it’s just the process is a little easer, they’re slightly lighter on your head and it’s easier to wash and condition.


7. Crochet Braids



Crochet braids is like the easier and quicker way to a sew in. Your natural hair is braided underneath so it’s keeping your natural curls and coils protected.


8. Messy Bun



A messy bun is perfect for those who do not prefer the previous hairstyles. The messy bun helps keep your hair out of your face as well as help prevent your hair from shedding a lot.


9. Sew In



A sew in is what a lot of us girls are addicted to. Just like the crochet braids your hair is braid underneath and your natural hair is protected from harsh chemicals and heat from blow dryers and flatirons.


10. Curlformer Curls



Last but not least there’s the beautiful curls that are formed by curlformers. Curlformers help create curls without putting direct heat to your hair which promotes healthy hair.

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