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#PYNKBeauty: 12 Favorite Celebrity Hair Color Trends In 2015


nicole-richie-short-pink-hairIn 2014, every celebrity we can think of changed their hair color. But instead of trying the normal color shifts from black to brown, or from dirty blonde to platinum, they took the risqué approach and went straight rockstar. Fellow trend-watchers began to see bold trials of locks including different variations of blues, pinks and even purples.

Of course, we have to give props to people such as; the platinum-selling music artist Pink—who made her name by having her signature hair color [pink], or actress Jada Pinkett-Smith—who was one of the first females to have a blonde big-chop in the 90’s. In 2015, it’s clear that celebrities are getting a little bored with the basic hair styles, but instead of shunning them for having weird or outlandish tresses—we are in love with it.

Continue sifting through the pages to peep our favorite color trends amongst some majors in the entertainment industry.

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Nicole Richie’s new pink pixie cut

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