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#PynkBeauty 5 Ways to Remove Nail Polish That You Didn’t Know


For some reason it seems like as I’m grabbing my clutch and ready to head out the door on Friday nights in anticipation of a good time, one thing always tends to stop me – yes, I’m talking about a not-so fresh manicure, dying to come off. But, then I run into another problem, I don’t have any nail polish remover. As you may know, a great manicure can add to a look, but a chipped one can certainly ruin one just as fast. Well, if this has happened to you before, here is a list of five products that you can use instead of nail polish remover that will work just as well.

1. Body Spray 


2. Topcoat


3.Spray Deodorant






Use any of these products with cotton balls, just as you would with remover and Voila! Now, it is safe to say that you should never be caught with an old, worn out manicure again!

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