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#PYNKBeauty: Change Up Your Look With ‘My First Wig’



When it comes to staying up on the latest style trends every #PYNKGirl knows no look is completed without the right hairstyle. And with the latest trends surrounding the flexibility and convenience of wigs, it’s only right we try out this new trend for ourselves.

The world of hair as you all know is so complex and detailed. Because of the many styles that you as a #PYNKGirl can choose from. Your hair is definitely an extension of who you are and how you are feeling so wigs are the perfect go to style when wanting your style to change weekly or even daily.

One of the top wig sites that has been creating a buzz is . The site is dedicated to those #PYNKGirls looking to expand their look but need the easiest way possible when experimenting with wigs. Because a lot of times, first time wig wearers are unsure of the process of installing the wig and end up hating the process. But My First Wig gives a detailed tutorial on each wig and how to install it so the confusion of wearing a wig is never a factor.

Among their many varieties and options of wings they include many other amenities as far as clips, combs, wig stands, and a kit bag to hold all your wig accessories. And all this comes with your wig as a first purchase which was a great bonus.

Now, lets get to the wig review:

The wig is of great quality at an affordable price ranging from $200-$400 which isn’t bad at all considering that’s what most #PYNKGirls pay for quality bundles. Aside from the hairs quality being silky and little to no shedding the wig has a lot of hair which means the problem of your wig looking thin is not a problem at all. But, for those looking to make the wig seem more natural and have more of a natural hairline and closure you have a small task on your hands. Because the wig has a lot of hair you have to pluck the front of the hairline to give off more of a natural lay to the front of the wig. And if the closure on the wig is too dark for your skin tone and you want it to appear more natural you should bleach the knots of the part to make them lighter. But, aside from plucking and bleaching, the wigs are great for first timers looking for quality hair with little to no hassle. The site gives great maintenance and installation tips for clients who are new to the world of wigs and helps make the transition of being a wig wearer easier.  So you better believe My First Wig is definitely #PYNKGirlApproved.


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