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#PYNKBeauty: @ColourPopCo ‘Ultra Matte Lip’ Review


The only thing that’s better than styling and incorporating layering into your ensemble in the winter, is accessorizing your fit with the proper makeup kit. Recently we were introduced to an amazing brand that not only has tones of matte lips to choose from, but they specialize in creating matte glosses. Amazing! Right?

Not only are they easy to apply, but they last all day without smudging and without having to reapply constantly during your restroom stops. This holiday season, Colour Pop has introduced us to some awesome and funky colors that will surely be a great addition to your uber “beat” face. Try complementing that highlight and contour with a subtle and chic lippy courtesy of the Santa Monica, CA makeup brand. Colour Pop focuses on producing affordable makeup that is not damaging to the skin. Although we have not test ran every product, their lipsticks are so far so good. Some of our favorite colors are Guess, LAX, Zipper and StingRAYE (inspired by makeup guru Its My Raye Raye).


StingRAYE, LAX, Zipper, Guess


One cool thing about these lippies is how different they look on each individual. Although the colors are distinctive hues of reds, pinks, purples and browns; depending on your skin and lip color, these tints may appears to be different shades on multiple people. For us, this has turned out to be a positive effect because each color specifically blends for a particular complexion. Check out their site and choose some colours of your choice!

All Photo Credit(s): ColourPop

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