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#PYNKBeauty: Creme Of Nature Heat Protectant Review



Heat protectants are one of those tricky products that you usually purchase because of word of mouth. For me, I’m very particular about products like this because not all heat protectants are for your hair particular hair. The three most general natural hair types for black girls are 4B, 4A and 3C―I have 4A hair:


My curls are pretty tight and I have a lot of hair, but my hair is light weight and very thin when wet. I do not use heavy greases or oils to moisturize my hair―I prefer light creams; which is why when I tried the Crème Of Nature Argan Oil Heat Protectant Gel, I was very pleased to see that it didn’t weigh down my hair and make it look flat after the initial straighten.

As a natural-haired woman, I do not frequently flat iron my hair, so it is not as tamable as it used to be when heat was constantly applied to it―basically my hair is disobedient, so it needs a product to keep it straightened after I apply heat to it. The heat protectant not only prevented my hair from breakage, but it gave my hair a light fluffy feel after I finished styling. Of course, different women like different things. I do not like my hair to be super flat when I straighten it. I prefer a more high volume look, which is why this product worked for me. Most products that I’ve used in the past have left my hair feeling stiff and greasy. I recommend using this product on clean and conditioned hair and not using too high of a temperatured flat iron―I usually keep mine on 350 degrees.

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