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#PYNKBeauty: Get The Most Out Of Your Beauty Products Or DIY

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Every PYNK girl knows getting the most for your buck is the goal when shopping for beauty products. The struggle of trying to find the best quality products while not breaking the bank is the biggest challenge for any fab chick on a budget.

So we are here to show you cool ways to stretch those cosmetics and unique DIY tips.

Maybelline-Plush-2244New Use for Mascara Brushes: No face is beat to capacity without making sure your eyebrows are on point. Instead of throwing away the entire tube of mascara including the brush, wash the mascara  brush thoroughly in the dishwasher or by hand and make it your new eyebrow brush.




img_4195Reinvent The Last Of Your Bronzer: We all have had the tendency of trying get the very last of our powdered bronzer out of the case, so instead of fighting with your bronzer decide to make it your new shimmery lotion to add the right amount of glow to your skin. Simply mix the remnants of your bronzer with your favorite moisturizer and apply to your skin. It’s sure to add that celebrity glow to your skin you have been dying to achieve.





Fix-broken-eye-shadow-before-and-afterKeep Those Broken Pieces Of Eyeshadow And Blush: Instead of tossing out those new cases of blush and eyeshadows because they hit the floor and ended up in pieces simply put the pieces back together and with a few drops of rubbing alcohol pat them back into place and let them reset. They will be back to new as if nothing happened



DIY-lipstickDIY Lipstick: Looking for your perfect shade but don’t want to break the bank? Make your very own lipstick out of your favorite color eyeshadow.Simply apply your favorite chapstick which serves as the base when your ready to apply the eyeshadow, next apply your perfect shade of eyeshadow onto your lips, and seal with vaseline.



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