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#PYNKBeauty: Ice Ice Baby !


Other than making our drinks super cold or chilling food , ice has some great benefits. And yes, by great benefits I mean some nice BEAUTY uses.

Here are a couple of tricks that can be accomplished with nothing more than a single ice cube.

1. Puffy Eyes It happens to the best of us. We stay up late doing tons of work or even worse, partying, and we wound  up paying for it in the morning when it’s time to wake up. Well, here’s a quick problem solver. Take a cube of ice, wrap it in paper towel and hold it on each one of your eyes. This will help to reduce puffiness and increase readiness.

2. Skin Primer Before putting on layers of foundation, ice can serve as a primer. Rub an ice cube over your face to make your skin extra smooth and reduce pores. This will make your foundation look FLAWLESS !

3. Eyebrow Plucking All women have gone through the pain of plucking their eyebrows. However, did you know that rubbing an ice cube over your eyebrow line temporarily numbs the area ? Use this trick and pluck away as you try to perfect that arch.

4. Acne Issues Pimple bothering you? Rubbing an ice cube over your acne prone areas helps to close pores and prevent bacteria from entering your skin.

These Tips Are #PYNKGirlApproved !

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