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#PynkBeauty: Professional Stylist, Angela Walker Explains Caring for Winter Hair

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Winter can be harsh on our hair and with two more months of winter to go we may need some help keeping our tresses healthy and hydrated. Angela Walker of N Natural Hair Studio located in Silver Spring, MD gave us a few tips to keep our luscious locs healthy during the winter months.


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According to Angela the best time to style your hair in protective styles in during the winter. “if there’s ever a time to do protective styles it’s now. Protective styling simply means all of the ends of your hair are tucked away. This helps with moisture and length retention,“ Angela informs us.

Angela says that with the recent freezing temperatures our hair is at risk of major shedding. “Freezing temperatures are simply drying for the hair. The most “damage” that can come from the cold winter months is shedding, but that’s typical between seasons. For shedding I’ve found bentonite clay treatments can drastically decrease the amount of shedding.”

If your hair is feeling dry Angela advises you try deep conditioning with a humectant. “What you can do to help with the drying is deep conditioning, specifically ones with honey which is a humectant. Humectants allow for the moisture in the air to be drawn to your hair.”


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Angela explains to us that knit hats are a good and bad accessory. “Knit hats are a bittersweet accessory. They keep you warm but dry out your hair and no one wants that. Simply wear a satin scarf under your hat or get fancy and sew a satin lining onto your hat. You also have companies that know this to be a problem and do it for you. Natural Born Hats is a great hat company with options. ”

Angela suggests that we reduce the number of times we shampoo our hair each month. “Every case is different. Constant shampooing can decrease the moisture in your hair. It also depends on the products you’re using. If you’re using a typical drug store product those shampoos are literally created to strip your hair of its natural oils, and during the winter you need all the natural oil you can get.” She suggest that we lean towards using more natural ingredient shampoos like Alikay Naturals or Uncle Funky’s Daughter. “These shampoos are mild and do not strip your hair of their natural oils. Shampooing your hair 1-2 times a month is a good regimen for the winter.”


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The hairstylist lastly, recommends women who are transitioning not to straighten their hair because it could lead to more damage. “DO NOT STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR WHEN TRANSITIONING. At least, not if you’re transitioning with the goal being to wear your curls. If you want to wear your natural curl pattern, straightening your hair while transitioning is the worst thing to do. You end up getting heat damage.”

Overall, never neglect you hair. It needs all the TLC it can get.


Photo of Angela Walker courtesy of Kelvin Bulluck


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