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Refinery29 Introduces ‘No Hair, Don’t Care’ Project Celebrating Self-Love



Refinery 29 introduced their newest digital project called “No Hair, Don’t Care,” celebrating inner beauty and individualism. In the 2-minute preview, four women shave their heads as they speak on insecurities and embracing their natural selves.

It is a cultural and social norm for women to have hair―long, short, curly or straight; but never bald. These brave women represent the powerful notion of trusting your beauty and accepting yourself without having to hide behind locks and tresses. The bold women: Megan Armstrong, Olivia Mains, Naomi Lawrence and Beth Sullivan speak about their struggles with being stereotyped and forced into a society where women with hair are considered to be prettier than women without. Watch the short clip as these inspiring women speak about female clichés, finding themselves, embracing their flaws, and the importance of self-love.

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Via Refinery29

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