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#PynkBeauty: Sweet and savory scents to get you through the Summer!

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Fall is near but Summer is still in full effect! While many have not been able to take a long vacation getaway to an island with a breeze, that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring the amazing scents of coconut, mango and other tropic scents home to you.

Just close your eyes and imagine the smell of sweet toasted coconut; the delicious aroma of vanilla; and the clean scent of lemons that tickles your nose with ever light breeze.

We had the opportunity to indulge in the many fragrances of the CLEAN Reserve collection. The luxury, eco-conscious, fragrance company believes in sustainable beauty, blended with raw ingredients for a unique fragrance experience that encourages individuality.

Here are the scents that we loved and we think you will too:

CLEAN Blossom ($72/Sephora). The scent of orange blossom and Georgia magnolia evokes the floral notes of a classic Rosé. The CLEAN Blossom woman is like a delicate flower petal falling from the sky into a natural spring.

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CLEAN Reserve Citron Fig ($95/Sephora). The fragrance captivates the refreshing scent of the Mediterranean breeze with a sparkling top of green fig, fresh ginger and mandarin. This scent will keep you feeling fresh all night.

CLEAN Reserve Terra Woods ($95/Sephora). The coconut and Madagascar Vanilla is an unexpected fragrance for the edgy risk-takers and trendsetters who love to experiment.

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CLEAN Cool Cotton ($72/Sephora). Notes of cool mint and crisp green apple keep you feeling light and refreshed even on the hottest summer days.

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And we didn’t forget about that men in your life:

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CLEAN Black Leather for Men ($84/Sephora). The scent is a spicy and smoky musk for the sophisticated edgy man who exudes confidence. The fresh spiciness of black peppercorn, black leather and amber will drive you wild.

Clean White Vetiver ($84/Sephora). This is a clean, ethereal vetiver with a warm woody smoke aroma. It contains fresh-harvested vetiver roots enhanced by the savory sensuality of rich earth. This is a truly masculine scent!

What is your scent for the season? Share your favorites below.

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