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#PynkBeauty: The Squiggly/Wavy Brow Trend is Creating a Frenzy on the Internet

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If you are a fan of Instagram and you like to gain inspiration from your Pinterest then you have more than likely come across a few interesting beauty trends. One of them is the Squiggly or Wavy Eyebrows trend that is catching lots of attention, both negative and positive.

While the reviews are up in the air, we wanted to get the thoughts of an expert so we chatted it up with celebrity makeup artist Rodney Jon. With more than 15 years of experience in the beauty game, he has beat faces of gorgeous women that include Grace Byers, Vanessa Simmons, and Andy Cohen.

When we, asked him what he thought about the Squiggly Brow trend, he had this to say to Think Pynk exclusively: “I truly believe in my heart that this is a ridiculous makeup trend and an epic fail,” he comments honestly. “It kind of put me in the same mind frame of the horrible feather brow trend that didn’t last very long.”

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Rodney does not think that this is a trend that will last long at all and when we asked him who would rock the look best he said, “No one.” He also added, “But if I had to pick someone, it would be a person that is edgy and willing to be risky and quirky all at the same time; but most importantly someone who is confident.”

Although Rodney is not fond of the squiggly brow lines, he did provide us with the instructions on how to achieve the look. “You can take the easy route and use one of the makeup apps to execute the look or you can go through the long process it takes to try to do them freehand yourself.”

Creating the Squiggly Brow

  1. Tweeze your brows to ensure you’re able to create the waviness to your brow.
  2. Next, sketch out with brow pencil top and bottom and draw in wavy shape with a deeper brow marker, concealer to carve out waviness and clean up the edge.
  3. Use a brow gel to set the brows as well as set a wavy formation to the brow.

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So how long will this trend last? No one knows for sure. “It’s not over?” jokes Rodney. “I suggest to never follow a trend and stick to a more classic or timeless approach. When there is a trend one minute it’s in, and the next minute it’s out. So, believe it will end just as fast as it started.”

What do you think of the Squiggly/Wavy Brow trend? Would you dare to wear?

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