#PYNKBeauty: The Truth About Eyebrows And Why They Matter


natural brow

The saying goes “Eyebrows are sisters, not twins”. This reigns true and should always be the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes time to groom them. Why you may ask? Its simple. No two people (not even identical twins) have the same brow shape, so why should you and the two strangers next to you. Even before I focused on my artistry, I was doing facials on a daily basis and waxing as well because I’m a licensed esthetician. It taught me that besides flawless skin, the eyebrows really do frame the face and sets the tone for your canvas aka your skin and how you want your makeup to look for the day.

Seeing as how there are many face shapes out there such as heart, round, triangular and the coveted oval to name a few simply means that a straight brow the left won’t work for the girl on the right who’s brow is slightly arched because she wants her eye shape to appear bigger. Finding your “look” is what its all about. With fall creeping upon us the natural, but still groomed, brow is upon us and this makes me excited! Its edgy yet clean. Fashion forward but effortless. Most importantly, its custom made for you. Makeup trends come and go, but some of these brow shapes will never go out of style.

full brow lookA full bold brow paired with neutral shadows and lip make for the perfect “no makeup” look.
Dramatic brow


A higher arch paired with a more dramatic eye still makes a statement and helps to open the eye shape by using a lighter shade on the lid to attract the light.

Natural browMy favorite, the natural brow. Still groomed to perfection, this will make a statement and compliment any look you put together. Think Lena Horne, Audrey Hepburn and Brooke Shields with a modern twist.

Whatever your preference, thin, full, high arch, or no arch. Just like that favorite bag you like to tote, your brows are also your accessory.

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