#PYNKBeauty: Top Products To Get Your Best Wash And Go


On my journey to embracing my natural curl pattern along with the college struggle of having no time to do my hair, I recently came across these top 3 products that will take any wash and go to the next level.

When it comes to a wash and go every naturalista knows it’s never that easy to get your perfect curls when you’re on the run. So it’s crucial to have the right mix of products to ensure that you avoid frizz, tangling, and a huge unmanageable fro. Therefore, with these three products, I promise it is sure to make your morning hair struggles non-existent.

Pantene_ProductDetail_0006_CurlPerfection-Conditioner_ShareThe first product to start the wash and go process is Pantene Pro-V Curl Perfection Conditioner.This conditioner is formulated to bring out your curl pattern all while hydrating and adding sleek shine. But the trick to getting the best out of this product and keeping your curls as neat as possible has to do with the washing out method. The less you touch your hair, the better. If you just allow the water to run through your hair without tussling through your fro with your hands, it will keep your curls together and limit frizz.






SPT-00200-1After you’ve hydrated your curls, next you want to lock in that hydration with coconut oil. Every #PYNKGirl knows that coconut oil has the power to fix everything and when it comes to the wonders it works on your hair, the results are no different. So add a generous amount of coconut oil because besides locking in that moisture it serves as a softening agent for the next product in this wash and go routine.








Next, you want to ensure that your curls stay uniformed and frizz free, so what better product to use than ECO olive oil  styling gel? This product is the most popular among most natural #PYNKGirls because unlike other gels, it doesn’t flake or make your curls extremely hard. Eco styler adds the right amount of security for your curls to last throughout the day. In order to get the best curl definition while using this product, you want to use the shingling method, which is working the product through your hair from the ends to the roots.





Once you’ve added all these products in this exact order, let your curls air dry or if you have the time use your handy defusing blow dryer.



Photo Credit(s):Pantene, iherb, desiremynatural, wallper. 


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