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PYNKchat with Misster RAY and Marlo Hampton


After a dramatic trip to South Africa and was one of Nene’s bridesmaids for her wedding special, you would have thought a Bravo peach was in the future for this stunning Florida beauty. All eyes have been on the fashion forward reality tv star Marlo Hampton since her first appearance on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, despite still taking heat for her dating habits and past transgressions.

I had the wonderful pleasure of chatting with Marlo for an exclusive Q&A at one of her recent photo shoots and you know I got all the tea!

Q: Have you filmed any scenes for the upcoming season of RHOA?
A: Now you guys know it’s not possible for me to give that info away in advance. But I can say, stay tuned, you will see Marlo real soon!

Q: Was Kenya Moore the reason you and Nene Leakes had a falling out?
A: Kenya was the scapegoat NeNe used to justify our falling out. So no, Kenya was not the reason. Obviously NeNe had her own reasons for keeping me around when she seemed to befriend me and her reasons for turning on me later. It wouldn’t be fair to say Kenya caused the rift. She didn’t.

Q: Ok enough about NeNe, let’s talk about what draws people to Marlo!
A: Marlo is real. I know it sounds crazy to talk about myself in third person right? Lol! I’m all about being myself, flaws and all and that lets people connect with me. I also think it’s my fashion sense. I love being unpredictable and edgy with clothes, shoes, accessories… I think that because I’m willing to take a walk on the wild side and not take myself too seriously that also seals the connection or at least that’s what my diva’s and divo’s tell me!

Q: Who was Marlo growing up?
A: I was a normal, little brown girl from the south side of St. Petersburg, Fl with dreams and ambitions, but also challenges and obstacles like everyone else. I wanted something out of life and I knew that early on. I just took a few left turns to figure it all out. At the end of the day, here I am. What you see is what you get.

Q: What brought you to Atlanta?
A: I came to the Atl to get a fresh start. I was closing old chapters and starting new ones. Atlanta seemed as good a place as any to start my new life and so far, this has been a good decision.

Q: How did you become so well connected in Atlanta?
A: Atlanta is a small place, despite the hype so everyone knows everyone – a few introductions can take you pretty far here. I’ve also always been into fashion. I had a boutique. I am a stylist, so word of mouth travels fast and if you have good energy and can deliver on your promises, it’s not that difficult to meet the who’s who that live here.

Q: You were a former bartender? What’s your favorite drink to make?
A: To be honest, the only drink I knew how to make without looking at a cheat sheet is a Hen and Coke! (Hennessy) because it was easy! My real gimmick for being successful as a bartender was to stand out, so I was known for my rhinestones and bling on everything I wore or used to work, even my bottle opener was blinged out with rhinestones! You have to use what you have and make it do what it do! So was I a great bartender? No! But was I great at making my looks, fashion and gift of gab work for me? Absolutely!

Q: Your style is fabulous, who are your fashion inspirations?
A: My mother was the first fashionista I met and admired. She has an amazing sense of style. But, if we’re talking about designers, I love them All from low end to high. Right now I’m really loving Sarah Jessica Parker’s stylist, Patricia Field. Love her! But really, I just love fashion and everything that goes with it. They are ALL my favs.

Q: What’s in Marlo’s overnight bag for a quick girls trip to Miami?
A: Well… Marlo is not ever going anywhere with just an overnight bag, even if it’s just for an overnight stay! I’ll always need at least 2 bags minimum. But, to answer your question I’ll pack, a sexy bikini or two, 5 inch Louboutins, Chanel accessories, sunglasses, sunscreen, and last but not least, a knock’em dead South Beach sun dress!

Q: If someone had to walk a mile in your shoes, what kind of shoes would they be?
A: Without thinking twice I’ll say my signature shoe, because everyone knows I love Christian Louboutins! Specifically, Pigalle 120s and I wish them luck! Louboutins are a real beast on the feet!

Q: Would you ever paint/draw on a Birkin bag?
A: No… unless it was a fake… But everyone knows Marlo would never carry a fake anything! Lol


Photography by Robert Ector for Taylor-Ector Studios
Styled by Leah Taylor for Taylor-Ector Studios
Hair by J Loren
Makeup by Aisha Nicole
Nails by Im Nails


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