#PYNKEats: Boulevard Bistro, Harlems Hidden Treasure



Every #PYNKGirl loves a great restaurant with great food and good vibes. And it’s no secret that New York has some of the best eateries in the Tri- State area. When it comes to great vibes combined with great food, Harlem is the place to be. With its rich history and authentic soul food feel, Harlem is a place that gives you that southern charm without having to travel too far.

One of Harlems hidden gems comes way of 122 Street and Lenox Boulevard Bistro is one of those small restaurants that some how embodies all of Harlem in their decor with a hint of upscale class. It’s not your typical soul food spot, it’s a soul food place that gives you great food and most importantly a great experience.

They have become most popular for their brunch menu that caters to that down home southern style pallet. It’s sure to make you reminisce about your grandmothers’ cooking that you can’t help but miss. Just like every restaurant there were some hiccups in the road as far as the service, portion size and pricing of their menu. It was the challenge of the waiter remembering the small things like straws, lemon, and napkins. On top of the kitchen being backed up 15 minutes due to lack of preparation before opening, and the fact that when you spend a good amount of money on a dish you assume you’ll get your monies worth in quantity. The portions are small and you end you realizing that you’re paying for quality rather then quantity.

But despite the minor misses, the food surely speaks for itself as well as the rich decor and rustic feel. So if you’re ever in Harlem and looking for a great place to have a date or just hang out with friends Boulevard Bistro is the place you want to be.

Location: 239 Lenox Avenue, New York, NY 10027

Phone Number: (212) 678-6200






Photo Credit(s): Yelp. 

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