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#PynkExclusive: Cliff Vmir Slays The Hair Game on the Frontal Line

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Cliff Vmir is notable for doing the hair of many reality stars including Cardi B, Joseline Hernandez, Trina, Alexis Skyy and many more. According to the South Jersey native, he has been blessed in his career to have worked with many celebrities.

His passion for hair was inspired by his mother whose hair he love to play in as a child. At the very tender age of 2, he knew that he was destined to be a hairstylist. Unfortunately, Cliff’s father didn’t approve of his deep love and passion for hair and tried breaking him away from his hairstyling tools.

Although hair was his passion, it also became a financial necessity after his father left their home and his mother suffered a knee injury that would have her struggling to work. “When I turned 14, my favorite thing to do was come home from school and practice my hair techniques on my little sister and others in my family,” Cliff reminisced. “Everything about hair excited me, and I was definitely hooked very early on!”

He further explains that the beginning of his future career was met with challenges. “I think the most challenging part in the beginning was getting people to take me seriously. Here I was, this young 16-year-old boy doing adult women’s hair,” he explains. “At first, I think a lot of people were skeptical, wondering if I really had any talent. But like anything you show and prove. Once I started doing hair in Delaware, my name spread like wildfire, but in a good way, and soon everyone wanted me in their hair,” he says with smile of pride.

Life was not a bed of roses for the Salem County teen, but it was his mother that was there to protect him and guide him on his path to success. “Living in South Jersey, Salem was tough. It definitely was not the best neighborhood. The crime rate was really bad and people were getting shot on a regular. Luckily for me, I was blessed to have an amazing mother who shielded me and guided me so I wouldn’t get caught out there.” Cliff shares.

During high school Cliff was completely focused on his dream to be a hairstylist, passing up other promising opportunities that people would have jumped hoops to receive. “I stepped away from the opportunity to become a nurse technician because I knew that the health field wasn’t my ultimate passion. My mother told me that if I got straight A’s while I studied at Howard High School of Technology in Wilmington, Delaware, that she would give me her blessing and allow me to enroll in cosmetology school. I did, and I went for my cosmetology license and never looked back.”

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