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#PynkExclusive: Jasmin Cadavid Takes Modeling to a “Sky High” Level of Success

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Jasmin Cadavid is not just a pretty face, she is a model and an entrepreneur. The 27-year-old go-getter has her eyes set on her goals. Knowing exactly what she wants, when she wants it, helps her entrepreneurial attitude. We had the chance to chat with her exclusively, as she talks about her modeling career and how she ventured into her latest business that reminds many of Snoop Dogg.

The Guatemalan-Colombian bombshell began her career as a youth sports star in Miami, Florida where she was born and raised. Jasmin played sports including soccer, cross country, and softball. “I was always an athlete growing up. I was the girl who hung out with boys because I was so competitive and I enjoyed competing in athletics. I always dressed semi-tomboyish with the girly appeal,” Jasmin reminisces.

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Knowing that she was easy on the eyes to men, Jasmin left her sports career and walked into the world of urban modeling. “As I got older, I started embracing my sexy side, and I ended up doing a photoshoot with a photographer named MJ Flix. From there I just started getting emails and other photographer inquiries who wanted to shoot with me, then the bookings started coming in,” Jasmin remembers.

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According to Jasmin, as an urban model she had no difficulties being accepted with her curves but she knew that her career was just a stepping stone for the many ideas and experiences that she had circling around in her head. “It was never about being stuck in modeling when I recognized the power in utilizing that field.”

Jasmin unexpectedly became a well-recognized urban model known for her curvy figure on social media. “I originally had the mindset of never taking it too serious. And one day, that type of thinking changed,” Jasmin tells us. “I was like ‘you know what, if I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it right.’ So that’s when I really started focusing more on my image, and my direction as a model. I eliminated the glamour and excitement from it, and channeled the business scope.” Being serious about her business, she learned to do makeup by taking courses at NARS and she made sure that she was building a brand that people would love. Now with more than one million followers on Instagram, she has done a great job.

Expanding her horizon, Jasmin grew her entrepreneurship and stuck her hands into the cookie jar of subsidiaries. “Before I got into the business, people knew me to have relations and certain habits. Friends of mine were constantly telling me I need to have my own brand,” Jasmin says. “Close friends would compare me to the female version of Wiz or Snoop, and things like that.” After a chance meeting with Dr. Zodiak, the creator of Moonrocks, at a cannabis-driven, lifestyle event they began to talk about the future of  Jasmin’s products, Jazzy Kush and Banana Rocks, and the rest is herstory that will continue to be told.

As a pro-legalization advocate, Jasmin feels that in its natural state, that the cannabis strains are much safer than any other drug substance. “You never see people starting riots because they got high on cannabis products, and it helps numerous patients heal in various medical conditions globally,” Jasmin educates. “Dispensaries work with us in distributing our lines to the public legally. The new laws on the cannabis dispensaries are very tedious, so all the cultivators must make sure everything is done properly.”

When Jasmin is not modeling and working on her brand of cannabis, she is in the studio recording music. The recent songstress will ‘Strike A Pose’ with her new single that drops in October, 2017. “I’m very excited for all the music I have yet to put out. Please stay tuned because you’re going to like what I got.”

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Get to know Jasmin: @JasminCadivad

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