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#PynkExclusive: Jerri Reid knows what it takes to be a Snobb Queen

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When Jerri Reid started her Instagram page filled with aesthetic pictures, she had no idea that she would garnish more than 500K followers and become the fashion “It” page for women of color.

“I would describe my business as a fashion outlet for all women,” Jerri says.

Jerri Reid is the mastermind behind the popular Instagram, Snobb Queen. It’s one of the most popular pages on the ‘gram that features the latest trends from nail to makeup application. You can also find hair tutorials and amazing clothes, but what catches your attention the most are the fly sistahs that grace her page wearing the trendiest styles each day.


Before Snobb Queen came into existence, Jerri had an online boutique called Haute Couture by JC. The online boutique didn’t last long before her business partner decided to leave the business. Jerri was devastated by the departure because she was stuck with what seemed like an endless amount of inventory. Jerri knew it was a bad investment if she didn’t sell the leftover inventory. “I had no choice but to continue on without her, but my heart just wasn’t into selling clothes anymore,” Jerri tells us exclusively.

She wanted to advertise her boutique on other Instagram pages, but most denied her because she only had 5k followers. This left her upset and frustrated. “I wasn’t asking for any handouts. I was willing to pay! But my followers were too low. And it was all about numbers,” Jerri explains on her blog.

Jerri knew that she had to fix the problem and fast, so she began to create her own platform and sold all of her inventory within six months. She discontinued ‘Haute Couture by JC’ and moved on with Snobb Queen. “Yes, it [Haute Couture by JC]  was successful because I made money, but it did not turn out the way that I would have liked.”

Now that Snobb Queen has reached such high numbers, advertisers are sliding in her DM, looking to have their businesses promoted on her page. “Honestly, I got into doing business promotions by accident. It’s something I literally stumbled on,” Jerri remembers. “My page was becoming a little popular at the time, and I kept getting DMs asking about my promotion rates. I then realized people were willing to pay to be on my Instagram account.”


Jerri’s first client was a fellow business owner that did not want to work with her previously. Once she saw the number of followers, she contacted Jerri for her rates. “At the time I was only charging $20 and she booked me,” Jerri discloses. “I gained her as a client because I was completely professional and assisted in any way that I could.  I was on a mission to secure the bag.” And secure the bag she did but not without a few stumbles along the way.

“I learned so much and wasted so much money and time that I wanted to take a different approach.” Jerri found a passion in wanting to help others. ” I want to offer new business owners valuable information so that they didn’t waste so much money and time like I did.”

For Jerri, organization is key. She learned that not everyone has a mind for business. “My biggest lesson was to have all of my ducks in order when doing transactions because people can be very grimey. I take note of how people operate each day.”

Jerri advises others that may want to join the business of promotions to have a clear plan so that business runs smoothly. “I see other promotion pages that are all over the place. Find your audience and target them directly,” she advises. “You should never see a food promotion, then a music video ad, and then a hair promotion. That’s too messy.”


Today, the 25-year-old mother of two is still learning to manipulate her time between being a mom and a boss. “That [managing business and family life]is literally the HARDEST part of running my Snobb Queen,” she shares. “I have strict work hours for my clients to book ads online, and I am guilty of working past those hours at times but for the most part, having work hours gives me a time frame to be a Snobb and then a mommy and a wife.”

The future looks bright for Jerri and Snobb Queen. She plans to expand her business by doing classes and seminars. She also wants to write ebooks and add merchandise to purchase. “I plan to introduce everything little by little,” Jerri says with much enthusiasm. “People will see that Snobb Queen is so much more than just promotion ads and fashion post… its a movement.”

To learn more about Snobb Queen, click here.

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