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#PYNKFashion: 10 Affordable Finds For Your Fall Footwear Lineup


This summer, PYNK made sure that your spring and summer footwear lineup was on point and although we are still getting some warm days this month, you can’t deny that summer is on the verge of coming to a swift end. With the new weather soon to pour in, we have to fashionably prepare for the change of climate by checking out the new merch from our favorite stores to shop at. PYNK girls are always prepared an always ok trend with the next big thing in fashion.

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Most importantly, it’s imperative that a PYNK girl embraces her own style and incorporates trendy pieces with essentials. Fall is growing upon us, which means boots season will be here soon. If you are a shopaholic, you’ve probably already been skimming the Internet to find that latest in fashion. Whether you are heading to work, going out for drinks with the girls or dressing for a concert, here are 10 fall-fit shoes at will take your ensemble to the next level.

Miss KG Spider Tan Suede Chelsea Boots $160

Miss KG Spider Tan Suede Chelsea Boots $160

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