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#PYNKFashion: 10 Essential Transitional Pieces You Can Add To Your Closet Today


10 essential pieces you can add to your closet today!

Outside is crazy, there’s no denying that! But what are you gonna do?! We’ll tell you want to do, SHOP! It might be snowing outside right now, however, there’s no denying that Spring is around the corner, not to mention cute stuff is already hitting the stores, emails are coming in, and we are all ready to leave this snow storm even if it’s just mentally! Let’s be honest, every #PYNK girl knows, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! We have compiled a list of 10 items that you can purchase right now and help you transition from a winter snow storm to spring like a fashion pro.

Transitional pieces

Socks and Heels

1. Socks: Yes socks because they are the cutest thing. Pairing them with your Strappy heels is a quick way to update your look.

Transitional Pieces

Flared Jeans

2. Flared Jeans: Everyone loves a new pair of jeans and we’re betting that this cool new trend is going to take off. The 70’s is making a come back but this time it’s far less dramatic, more structured and sleek.

Transitional Pieces

Cropped Jacket

3. Cropped Jacket: think regular jacket with shorter portions. Shorter bodice and longer sleeves. Perfect for layering right now.

Transitional Pieces

ALine Skirt

4. Aline skirt: If you don’t already own one, why not? This classic is a must in every #PYNK girls closet! Pair it with thick dark tights until the weather breaks.

Transitional Pieces

Tie-Dye Dress

5. Tie-Dye: We’re thinking Lucky Brand, Free People, Stella McCartney camp style. Dark colored tie-dye will add some fun and freedom to your closet right now and it kills in the Spring!

Nautical Tee

Nautical Tee

6. The Nautical Tee: Year after year this staple is prevalent in your spring closet. You probably own one already or have in the past.. If so that’s perfect and you know its imperativeness.

Transitional pieces

Cropped Pants

7. Crop Pants: Also referred to as the “party pants” jazzy up your closet with these pants. Give your trusty LBD a break and incorporate these into your look.

Transitional Pieces

Chambray Shirt

8. Chambray Shirt: A slight difference from the denim shirt, it’s lighter in weight, but still gives the same look as the denim on denim look.

Transitional Pieces

Boyfriend Blazer (White)

9. The Boyfriend Blazer: We recommend this piece in white. The boyfriend blazer is needed to complete any look, paired with your skinny jeans or jeggings.

Transitional Pieces


10. Converses: For the last couple of years these trainers has entered our closets and it works. With mini skirts, joggers, or dresses. Whatever fits your style is fine as long as you are running around in these.

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