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#PYNKFashion: 10 Signs You’re Probably Addicted To Online Shopping


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Online shopping is a girl’s best friend and in 2015, I’ve cracked the code as to why most women prefer to shop online over shopping in person. I first discovered online shopping when I realized that getting up to be in a small, closed space with hundreds of people was annoying. I know my size and although there are a few clothing items that I HAVE to try on before purchasing―generally speaking―I’ve only returned a handful of things that I bought online.

I initially became addicted to this self-indulging hobby when I was in college. I went to school in Buffalo and the closest mall from my campus was 45-minutes away. I refused to make that trip every time I wanted some new threads, so my obsession began. Years later, and I still get excited for cyber monday. Who needs the fitting room lines and angry cashiers? I’m good sitting comfortably on my couch scaling through my future wardrobe. Check out 10 major signs you’re probably addicted to online shopping.

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