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#PYNKFashion: 2000-2010 Trends We All Loved!

2000-2010 Fashion FlashBack

Keeping in the spirit of #TBT, let’s take a look at a few trends of 2000-2010, we all couldn’t live without. Before 2000 hit, everyone had this visual of what we were going to wear. Yes things did take a major turn, but there were no space suits, and a few staples are still going strong. 


Beyonce – Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans:
In the 90s we all rocked those boot leg jeans with pride, but once the new millennium, came in and every fashion girl, began their fashion hunt for the perfect skinny jeans. The flattering–goes with everything jeans, actually came from the 80s but in 2000 it was more stretch and the waist was lowered. Despite the recent comeback of wide-leg jeans, skinny jeans remains a wardrobe favorite today.

Michelle Obama - Statement Necklace

Michelle Obama – Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces:
Bigger is better, well that’s what we all thought when, First Lady Michelle Obama wore the oversized necklace. The conversation-starting accessory was perfect for any outfit, it added confidence.


Kim Kardashian – Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Blazer:
After the twinset sweater, we all remember those– we all wore them, the cardigan with matching inner shell. Then came the boy friend blazer, a fresh look, the start of borrowing from the boys closet, was about to become the “it” thing. It was perfect over ones favorite LBD, or glammin’ up a pair of trusty jeans.


Miley Cyrus – Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants:

The military trend was becoming a huge hit amongst the fashionable, no longer belonging to the military brat. When the fitted olive-green cargo pants hit the catwalk it was a cool alternative to your favorite  jeans. Everyone slipped into these rugged style pants and forgot they ever lived without them.


Gwen Stefani – Mixing n Matching

Mix-n-Match Prints:
This was a super cool trend, and it still is. Mixing n matching prints was a bit confusing, stripes with polka dots.. What are you talking about?! However, Clashing patterns became the new “it” thing to do. It’s a bit tricky, even-though you are mixing prints, there’s still a method to the madness, if done incorrectly, it can go so wrong. It takes a savvy fashionista to pull this trend off.


Rihanna – Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats:
This comfy trend, gave every fashion girl a classic look, whether she wore them with jeans, cigarette pants or a fancy dresses, it gave the sense of being on trend but not trying to hard.


Sienna Miller – Uggs

Shearling Boots:
Whether you hated it or adored it, there was no doubt, the Ugg frenzy was soo 2000-2010, the Australian trend, hit even the warmest climates, from LA to the fashion streets of NYC. These climate control boots were comfortable, warm, convenient, and trendy.

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