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#PYNKFashion: 4 Ways To Attend NYFW

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New York Fashion Week is one of the most coveted events to attend for fashion lovers everywhere.  The exclusive week-long runway shows are extremely difficult to get into because the fashion industry is tight-knit. Celebrities and magazine editors sit in the front rows.  Stylist, journalist, media personalities and people with money fill up the rest of the rows. If you’re willing to spend a pretty penny, you can definitely sit right behind Nicki Minaj and Karrueche Tran. Let’s assume purchasing a ticket is not an option. It is possible to obtain a standing room ticket. It’s not the best seat in the house, but it gets you up close and personal with designers, celebrities and more importantly, the fashion! If you’re an eager fashion lover like myself and you just want to soak up the experience, then check out 4 ways to attend New York Fashion Week.

1. Volunteering- What better way to see the fashion from fashion week than to volunteer for your favorite show?  Volunteering means anything from securing press, fixing goodie bags, directing guests to their seats, assisting backstage with wardrobe and so much more!  Most high-end designers have public relations representatives that assist with this but sometimes these services are provided by volunteers solicited by the PR team.

2. Contact the Public Relations Firm/ Producers- Not interested in volunteering?  Maybe you’re a fashion journalist or stylist and you want to view the collection.  Contacting the public relations firm or producer responsible for the show is a great way to attend.  It may require some research on your part, but you’d be surprised to see how available this information is to you.  A quick google search or a visit to their instagram page will give you all the information you need.  In the email introduce yourself and your brand.  If you’re a stylist, let them know you’re interested in attending the show in efforts to collaborate their designs with your client. If you’re a journalist, inform them that you would like to cover the show for a media publication.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

3. Networking- If you’re trying to find your niche in the industry but volunteering isn’t an option or you don’t work as a stylist or journalist, then networking is your best bet. It’s always great to be invited as a plus one. Knowing the right people will open up the right doors for NYFW.  Start attending fashion industry parties now so that you can connect with people that may be interested in inviting you to events later.  Not sure where to find an industry event? Instagram is a great tool and when all fails, go to Eventbrite.

4. Eventbrite-  Eventbrite is a great tool for locating fashionable events to go to.  It may not be an official NYFW show, but you’d be surprised how many designers use the site to invite the public, as well as industry people to their shows. Create an Eventbrite account and search under the fashion tab. From there you’re able rsvp to as many shows as you want!  Although it isn’t an official tent show, it’s a great way to network your way into the tents!

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