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#PYNKFashion: 5 Essential Fashionable Pieces To keep You Warm In A Blizzard.


If you’re currently living or just visiting NY, you know that we are experiencing a potentially record breaking- blizzard. #Blizzard15! And you’re probably thinking, the weather man says “stay inside” but we all know that, that’s just not an option. So what does the fashionable girl wear in this type of weather?! The last thing we want is for a #PYNK Girl to have to worry about looking fashionable in any weather. We have put together a list of 5 essential pieces to keep you fashionable while stomping through the snow paved sidewalks.

5 essential fashionable pieces in a blizzard

Rabbit Felt Wide Brim Hat

1. The fashionable and on trend felt wide brim hat. This hat serves many purposes, the brim is wide enough to keep the snow from hitting your face, the wool keeps your head warm, and last but not least.. It’s a guaranteed easy way to keep the focus on you instead of the 20 degree weather that we are facing outside.

Wedged Hiking Boots

Wedged Hiking Boots

2. Hiking boots, the original might not-always-stylish boot, has undergone a fashionable makeover. Designers are adding more colors and style to these blizzard durable boots. While trucking it through the snow, opt for a grungy, rubber sole that packs serious traction. Giving up your heels for a day or two, won’t look so bad if you’re doing it with style. Look for a pair that is warm, durable, and ties in perfectly with your outfits.


5 essential things

Fur Parka

3. The Parka is definitely one of the most underrated coats. But likely for us designers have been stepping up the game, combining form and function. Adding fur and detailing to a much needed look we can now look fashionably warm.

5 essential pieces to keep warm

Shearling Lined Gloves

4. Shearling Lined Gloves, anyone can sport a pair of gloves but if you want to look fashionable while preventing your fingers from going numb. Shearling lined gloves are it!

5 essential fashionable pieces in a blizzard

Cashmere Turtle

5. Nothing works better than a cashmere knit or wool blend turtle neck. Remember the idea of keeping warm is layering and making sure clothes are close to your body. The knit turtle paired with a statement necklace is chic enough to pull of any look even in a blizzard.

That’s it Pynk Girls, hope this list helps you maintain your fashionable rep. And still remain warm.

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