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#PYNKFashion: 5 Reasons It’s Cool To Participate In Bey’s Jersey Swimsuit Trend



The Chicago Bulls just lost, so they need some love—and what better way to get some than with a skin tight altered bathing suit with your team on it worn by Beyoncé. I think Yoncé made the entire starting fives’ day with the debut of her form-fitting swimwear in the “Feeling Myself” video. Along with Nicki Minaj, the duo prances around grass, in pools and even in the bathroom together wearing custom swimwear. Although there has been several disrespectful memes about how “normal” girls should try it, I think it’s safe to say that the fashion statement  is quite tempting and it came just in time for the summer.

PYNK girls say it’s okay to rock this suit, so here are 5 reasons that you shouldn’t feel guilty for jumping on the bandwagon.

Plus, watch the 30 second snippet of the “Feeling Myself” visuals below…just because!

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