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#PYNKFashion: Kira Nacole Launches ‘Kwen’ Collection At Suede Brooklyn



Allow us to introduce you to Kira Nacole. A designer hailing from Brooklyn, whose character shows in her work. Fun, powerful and different. The PYNK team had the pleasure of attending her fashion show recently, in Brooklyn at a restaurant called Suede where she presented her Kwen collection ( pronounced queen ). We must tell you we were not disappointed.

As we waited for the show to start the atmosphere was set in this trendy setting that reminded us of the Caribbean yet in the city. The music began to play and out strutted the models in fabulous pieces that were colorful and transitional. You could wear them as she presented it or switch each around. It was a very cohesive line, the two piece pants set was our favorite.

At the end of her show, when Kira Nacole discusses her inspiration for her newest collection, “I was inspired to do the line because of my friends I met in the last year. Individually strong, yet powerful together”. Well that explains it and we look forward to seeing more of her designs.

Photo Credit: Francine Whyte,
Stef Shutter,Thee shopaholic and Shyne Blaze





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