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#PYNKFashion: Go GREEN, Military Green


Commander-in-Chic the military green trend hit the scene for fall, as designers such as Balmain sent it down the runways. It’s no surprise that military green would be a huge hit for Fall, Winter and it’s actually going to be a bigger hit for Spring? Why? Because in case you missed it we are at War, (not sure if we’re winning, but this hue is for sure) look around.. Designers seek inspiration from everywhere and we follow suit.

A couple of years back, this hue probably wouldn’t have worked, but it’s working now, with dope designs, detailing and silhouettes. Jeans, jackets, skirts, and dresses we can’t get enough of this hue! And, get this not only is this a strong color it plays well with almost if not every color, the brightest of colors–to–the softest. It’s great. Yes Military green is the new black. Oh and it looks great with black also!!

Howtransition into Spring:
You always have the option to look chic, and pairing a military green jacket or pants with an olive green T-shirt a dope pair of heels or military boots will make you instantly  commander-in-chic.

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