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#PYNKFashion: Mixing Prints To Your Spring Wardrobe


Spring might be taking its slow time to get here, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be waiting for it at the ‘DOE’ whenever it decides to show up! I’m loving the mixing of prints into your cool closet.  It might be a little intimidating, but it’s not as difficult as you might think, however there’s a fine line between getting it right and looking crazy. Serving as a quick way to jump-start your wardrobe. In times of trouble, designers, often react with clothes that give us a spirit of optimism.  Fashion isn’t just fashion, now let’s be clear it serves another purpose beyond being a basic necessity. Fashion is very therapeutic.

Pynk Magazine 1. Polka Dot is super cute and chic

Pynk Magazine 2. Gingham: If done right is doesn’t have to look like you’re going on a picnic.

Pynk Magazine 3. Floral is perfect for Spring

Pynk Magazine 4. Stripes: No they don’t make you look bigger.


Photo Source: Pinrest

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