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#PYNKFashion: Ricki Brazil, A Chic Stylish Clothing Line

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Ricki Brazil is a chic stylish clothing line for women. They have pieces for the socialite,who wants to create buzz on the red carpet, to  the college girl, who’s trying to be cute and comfy as she makes her way from class to the caf. This line is hot and anyone could wear it ! I had the opportunity to talk with the Creative Director,Amber, and Ricki Brazil, the Designer of the line the other day about Ricki Brazil.

How did you begin designing?

Amber: I basically just started with my own company Paparazzi [Paparazzi is a jewelry company]. Then, myself and Ricki just branched out together with the clothing line. Once my own line, the jewelry line started taking its own way, I initiated with Ricki the line for Ricki Brazil.

How did you come up with the name for this line?

Ricki Brazil: That’s my actual birth name, so we just took it from there. Everyone always said it was such a unique name so we just went with that and kind of branded it.

Where do you pull inspiration from for this line?

Amber: Well basically, all the inspiration pretty much comes from a few favorite designers and I like the print of them. But all of the actual designs me and Ricki think of. So ill think of something and have it sketched out and have Ricki view it or oversee it and get the rest of the team’s approval. But everything is pretty much based off of my own personal style . Then it’s incorporated with prints of Roberto Cavalli or Versace or Emilio Pucci and things of that nature.

 How long would you say it takes to construct each piece?

Amber: We do it based off of season. So right now we’re working on the Summer of 2014. Right now, we have 25 pieces and it takes about 3-4 months depending on how many pieces you have in one collection. For each season its always 15 or more pieces. So, for instance, we’ll start the fall collection in July.

 How do you come up with the name of each piece that you create?

Amber: That’s a good question. That’s expertise.We have a team of people and once they see the actual design is when the name is thought of. Everyone works together. So we would send out an email for the team and once we get all the email responses back, we go with the most popular name people like. That’s always like a thing, what do we call this, or what do we call that?

 That’s good to know because when you see the name of each piece it make you question how did they come up with this, like was it part of the creative process.

Amber: It is like a creative process because the name has to reflect the piece, and it has to be catchy. Also, you only want something that’s one word. For instance, we have a jean outfit for the spring line that just came out and it’s probably one of our most popular pieces and it’s called Genes, but instead of calling it jeans (j-e-a-n-s), we spell it Genes (g-e-n-e-s) like the genes from hormonal aspects.

Do you have a favorite piece? If so, which one?

Amber: My favorite piece from the spring line will have to be the Moroccan.

Ricki Brazil: The Orange Varsity.

 What draws you so much to that piece?

Ricki Brazil : I like the color and seeing the women in it, like the models and the people who order it and posts pictures on Instagram. I like to see the look on them. It looks real nice.

 How would you describe the overall style that the line exemplifies?

Amber:  The overall style of the line is pretty much from the fashionista girl to the socialite ,as well as the everyday college school girl , seeing as we do incorporate a sporty section in our line, as well as going out dresses for socialites and fashionistas. We just like an array of people and demographics.Even the celebrities who’ve worn it, a lot of them have worn the sporty stuff and a lot of them have worn the going out day and night stuff as well. So it’s not just one thing that everyone gravitates to. They gravitate to different things.

Who’s wearing the line?

Amber: Recently we’ve had Dawn Richardson of Danity Kane, Khloe Kardashian, Yandy Smith from Love and Hip Hop NY, Christina Milian and Shanelle West Coast from YMCMB and The Rob and Big Show.

 What about the everyday people who wear the line?

Amber: Well, I would say a range from the 21 to the 35 year old. Working women, women in school [the college girl], and the socialite, the one you see on the red carpet. You’ll see her in the events wearing Ricki Brazil.

 Is there anyone that you would like to see wear the line?

Amber: I would love to see Jenifer Lopez in the line as well as Taylor Swift, Zendaya Maree and a couple others like Beyonce.

How do you plan on expanding Ricki Brazil ?

 Amber: We’re currently in talk with our sales team. We want to expand into the higher end department stores, like Bloomingdales and Nordstrom. We’re already in and talking to a few stores in the UK. We want to expand and we’re working on it this year and into 2015, to expand into larger department stores.

What spring/summer tips can you offer our #PYNKGirls?

Amber: For summer, bright, bold colors. Then add some gold tones as well. Also, nude is very popular for summer. You can’t go wrong with a nude outfit paired with a bright bold color.For spring, mostly pastels are in, as well as whites of course. So like an all white linen jumper or something of that nature.

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Check out this #PYNKGirl Approved line at

Check out they’re spring line, and be ready for all the good stuff they’ll have for us #PYNKGirls this summer !

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