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#PYNKFashion: The 15 Most Stylish Icons Our Mom’s Grew Up On

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Has your mother ever told you that she used to dress just like you when she was your age? Well, that’s not a joke or simply for small talk. Fashion is constantly changing, but style never fades. There are many female millennials who we look up to during this experimental fashion age, but they were not the first to try new things nor have they tried outlandish things that have never been done.

Young celebrities like Rihanna and Zendaya have made a major impact on the fashion community in the most recent years, but if it weren’t for the iconic fashion symbols from the later times, this multi-billion dollar industry would not be where it is today. Before Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez, there were women like Grace Jones and Naomi Sims who were fearless and respected for taking risks and creating classic style that never disappears. Check out 15 iconic fashion gawds that our mother’s grew up on.

Photo Credit(s): Getty Images, RollingStone & Huffington Post

Ali MacGraw

Ali MacGraw

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