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#PYNKFashion: The BOMB(er) Jacket



The Bomber jacket is here to stay. Dare I say, it’s giving the denim jacket a run for its money. This jacket is blazing right now, designers are jumping in on this trend, an adjusting various lengths, fabrics, and colors. The regular waist length, the crop bomber, oversized bomber, have been circulating for a while now…and thenoKylie Jennifer showed up in a full length bomber, and that #PynkLadies let everyone know, the bomber isn’t going anywhere and honestly why should it?

They’re the perfect combination of relaxation and sophistication. Light in weight, perfect for the warmer climates, I know with outside as cold as it is right now, but nothing feels better than focusing on the future (Spring), or that’s just me?! But, here at #PYNK we are always ahead of the ball, and transitional dressing is where it’s at right now!

Here’s why it works: The bomber jacket is a team player and works wonderfully with every other staple in your closet. Pairing a lightweight bomber with heavier, stiffer fabrics (like denim jeans) creates great balance. The cool thing about this jacket it can transition from  day to night with a simple change of shoes.

Take a look at some looks that are #PynkGirlApproved

image image image image

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