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#PYNKFashion: What To Wear On A First Date


Now that half the battle is over of getting the guy you’ve been crushing on for a while to ask you on a date, the real war begins. That is, the battle between you and your closet and the rivalry between your favorite pair of heels and your most comfortable pumps. Its the stress of making an impression, dressing for the occasion, and making sure you blow him away with your fashion sense.

What to wear all depends on the occasion, you don’t want to be ready for a night out on the town dressing to comfortable and you don’t want to be over dressed for a night at the movies. Its best to know what you’re getting dressed for but if you don’t, we have the perfect fit for you as well.

A night at the movies?




845d0a733c35f1a15342dec511bce40bGoing to dinner?








Going to a concert?






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