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#PYNKFoodie: 5 Secret Menus That Will Change your Life


Yes, that’s a new hashtag…

Bet you didn’t know about the “secret menu.” Pretty much every fast food joint has a secret menu that you just have to find out yourself—that’s exactly what Google is for. Although PYNK does not condone fast food cuisine, everyone has a guilty pleasure. So make sure to research the secret menus of your favorite places to eat. Check out PYNK’s top 5 secret menus to try.

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chipotle-quesarito The Quesarito is the holy grail of the Chipotle secret menu. The description is in the name—a burrito X quesadilla collab. Basically a burrito wrapped with an extra tortilla drenched with cheese. Mouth watering goodness!







chick-fil-a-buffalo-chicken-sandwich-1 Chick-fil-A is like the go-to vacation fast food    palace. This smothered sandwich completely  justifies the hype of this chain “to-go” haven. Next time you’re there, make  sure you order the “Buffalo chicken sandwich” with  extra sauce.







five-guys-double-grilled-ch  Can you say heart attack? The double grilled  cheese burger at 5 Guys is breaded with two grilled  cheeses with two all beef patties and bacon. Lastly, it’s fried on the griddle to perfection.








shake-shack-beer-floatEver had a root-beer float? Well this is exactly that, but alcoholic. Get a beer float from Shake Shack with your choice of ice cream.









in-n-out-animal-style-burger-1In-N-Out Burger has a very popular secret menu item with unique ingredients and a great name. The “animal burger” isn’t your ordinary beefy snack. It’s packed with pickles, extra spread, grilled onions and mustard—PLOT TWIST—fried into the patties. *Drops mic*




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