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#PynkGirl Holiday Gift Guide For Fashionable and Trendy Preteens

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#PynkGirl Tween Favorite Gift! Linkt Craft Kits- $19.99

We were saving the best for last! The #PynkGirl Preteens flipped when they had the chance to create their own accessories in less than 30 minutes. Linkt® Craft Kits were designed to create stunning soft metal link jewelry that is light in weight and heavy in style. They are super easy, fun and simple to make.

In one single box, you have everything you need to make many amazing creations. The metal is soft enough that you can bend them by hand but strong enough to make lasting, stunning real jewelry. Kits also include crystal clear instructions; videos to go along (on YouTube) and a magic patent pending layout tool that is lightweight and soft with slots that hold rings while you work. From Bubble Loops to Spinning Halos, these crafty jewelry kits are meant for girls as well as boys.  Make up to 20 pairs of earrings, or 5 necklaces or 5 bracelets—mixing and matching metal and silicone rings in a variety of colors so every single piece is different.

Beyond amazing creations, these chainmaille kits help improve finger dexterity, visual-spacial skills and mental focus. They are a welcome respite from the hectic-ness of daily life!

Imagine the satisfaction a tween has looking at a piece of amazing jewelry and proudly saying, “I made this!”

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