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#PynkGirl Holiday Gift Guide For Fashionable and Trendy Preteens

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Wild Tales & Garden Thrills Book Series

Our preteen girls loved them so much that they completed the entire series in less than two weeks. Talking about a page turner.

Introducing the Wild Tales & Garden Thrills series where kids will delight in the adventures of Lexi and Jason Williams and discover the world of gardening. From insects and worms to wild critters and mysterious finds, there’s never a dull moment between the rows of an organic garden.

Start with the first book of the series, “Show Me the Green.“- $12.99

It’s the First Annual Garden Contest sponsored by the local farmer’s market, and Lexi and Jason Williams are determined to win. In this battle against time and Mother Nature, the kids are sidetracked by everything from caterpillars to worms, seeds to harvest. Who knew there were so many exciting things in a garden? Including poop. Worm poop, mostly. It’s one of plants’ favorite foods!


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