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#PynkGirl Holiday Gift Guide For Fashionable and Trendy Preteens

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BONUS Dad! BONUS Mom! A child’s guide to understanding the role of a Stepparent (full-color illustrated book)– $14.95

BONUS Dad! BONUS Mom! Is a child’s guide to understanding the role of a stepparent”. Too frequently, children are raised reading the classic tales of wicked stepmothers and evil stepfathers. BONUS Dad! BONUS Mom! shows that the role of a Bonus parent is not evil or wicked. The Bonus parent does not replace either parent.

The characters are displayed as a fun-loving family of dogs engaged in human activities, and are presented in a colorful and whimsical perspective which both children and adults will find captivating and entertaining. The focus is on demonstrating both the activities that the Bonus parents engage in, and the values that the Bonus parents role-model for the children. Reading the book forward, children are introduced to the concept of a Bonus Dad, while flipping the book over and reading in backwards, children are introduced to the concept of a Bonus Mom.

A portion of the proceeds from sale of this book go to the National Stepfamily Resource Center (


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