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#PynkGirl Holiday Gift Guide for the Beauty Enthusiasts

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#PynkGirl Beauty Fave!!! THE PIL-OOKIE BEAUTY PILLOW- $149.00

With a conventional pillow, your delicate facial skin gets compressed and deformed between the weight of your head and the pillow. The Pil-ookie patented design decreases the contact between your facial skin and the pillow. Your face rests in one of the pillow’s unique curved openings, protecting it from being creased and wrinkled during sleep. With openings on both sides of the pillow, your face will lie comfortably regardless of which side you sleep on. Facial creams will remain on your skin rather than rub-off on your pillow.

The Pil-ookie built-in slope puts your head at a slight elevation. This facilitates lymphatic return, decreases swelling, while promoting healthy circulation and oxygenation. The Pil-ookie will help you wake up in the morning with less puffiness and a fresher, smoother more rested appearance.

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