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#PynkGirl Holiday Gift Guide For the Family

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COCKTAIL FARTY (the ultimate-get-to-know-you card game)- $19.95

Cocktail Farty is a card game designed to get people talking! “Butt,” watch out! You don’t really know someone until you’ve conquered the “explosive” questions! Cocktail Farty features 150 cards in a unique container (shaped like a toilet paper roll, of course!). Each card contains a question designed to get you talking. Most cards contain great “get-to-know” questions like, “What is the luckiest thing that ever happened to you?” or “What is the best place you have ever lived?” Watch out! You might draw an “explosive” card and have to answer, “Are your farts silent but deadly, or loud enough to wake the neighbors?” This game is made for those who enjoy having a great conversation, learning more about others, and laughing hysterically! Cocktail Farty is suitable for all ages (there isn’t any ‘Adult Only’ content), but it may not be suited for people who take themselves too seriously and can’t enjoy a good laugh. It’s definitely not suited for uptight people who claim they never pass gas (c’mon, we all fart, right?).

It is perfect for couples groups, fraternity/sorority/dorms/nursing homes, game night with friends, girls nights out, guys night out, neighborhood get-togethers, weekend escapes, newly-dating couples, and fun groups of friends who are ready to laugh!


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