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#PynkGirl Holiday Gift Guide for the Man in Your Life

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If the man in your life has ever complained about razor bumps, ingrown hair, and other shaving woes, then we have found the product that provides results immediately and we know because we had a real Dad try it and it worked within 24 hours.

Power Shave is a light gel formulation designed to reduce irritation, inflammation, soreness, redness, ingrown hairs and razor bumps normally experienced after shaving.

Use after hair removal and in particular after wet or dry face shaving to quickly treat and prevent all forms of unsightly and uncomfortable hair removal irritations on face and body areas like the beard, neck, chest, legs and underarms.

Power Shave contains mild but very effective antiseptic and anti inflammatory ingredients which treat and prevent the formation of bacteria after hair removal.The anti-inflammatory /anti-irritant system instantly blocks the introduction of bacteria into the broken skin and thus eliminates inflammation that leads to itchy red razor bumps (Pseudofolliculitis Barbae), shaving rash and ingrown hairs, along with swelling and itching.

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