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#PynkGirl of the Day: Shoe Designer, Thressa Pine-Smith

We all have a choice in life: We can get knocked down or we can recover and get back up. It is the choices that we make that shape and mold our lives day after day.

Just a year ago, Thressa Pine-Smith’s life was completely upside down. She was in an abusive relationship and literally went crazy. After a traumatic break up, Thressa went to the psychiatrist because she was feeling depressed and was unexpectedly diagnosed as bipolar. As if things weren’t already worse, she also a had spinal fusion surgery, which resulted in severe weight lost. After such a dramatic change in her body, she knew that she needed a whole new wardrobe, so she began to shop. Sounds like fun, right? Not when you’re on a tight budget and what you want costs quite a few coins!

She was in love with the nude collection by Christian Louboutin but his prices were outrageous! There was no way that she could purchase a pair of those shoes and get her life all at the same time. Suddenly a light bulb went off in her head– she would create a shoe collection of her own, giving birth to House No. 3028.


House No. 3028 shoes were designed with the professional woman of color in mind who is always on the move. By providing arch support with extra memory padding, the function of a rubber grip sole, and a seamless coordinating color all over Thressa and her brother Norrell, provided the one shoe that women can wear all day everyday at an affordable price point.

Read how this 30-year-old shoe “genius” makes business look so easy and why she is our #Pynk Girl of the Day.


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