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#PynkGirl Exclusive: Yandy Smith Talks Balancing Family and Business While Battling Depression

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Yandy Smith-Harris is not just a reality TV star. This woman is a Jill-of-all-trades and a master of her destiny. She juggles being a business woman and mother like a pro and we’ve never seen her sweat.

19985420_820011794822490_39476809649094656_nFrom running a completely functional production company, writing a book, raising two children, and keeping good face on Love and Hip New York–it is clear Yandy has a lot on her plate. While she uses her public vessel to ensure young black women are inspired by her achievements, she is also a realist. While her crown of media mogul may sit pretty on her head, she has a few pins in it to keep it secure.

The 35-year-old Harlemite has been through some—how can we say this nicely? She has been through some sh*t. Her husband, Mendeecees was sentenced to eight years in prison for drug trafficking and it is all playing out on television for millions of people to judge her response. With the spotlight always on the  entrepreneur beauty, there times when it wasn’t easy to keep a smile on her face–she found herself fighting depression.

“I realized it after the fact, but when I was going through my bout of depression I was a breastfeeding mom to Omere,” Yandy shares with PYNK exclusively.

Yandy shares more about her battle with depression on the next page.

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